Home remedies for a toothache

Struggling with toothache is not easy. A toothache happens due to a germ infection in the tooth and gums. If you have a habit of frequent eating sweet things then you are more than likely to get a toothache.

Here are some of remedies to cure an toothache – short of seeing a dentist:

  1. Black pepper and salt- mixing black pepper and salt and apply gently to the affected area. This can also make the gums and teeth stronger and free from bleeding.
  2. Lemon- this is one effective toothache remedy. If you like the lime test, apply it to the cavity and you will forget the pain within minutes. It’s also good for your body too.
  3. Onion- this can ease the pain that you feel. Chewing raw onion for three to five minutes will ease the pain. Onion has some bactericidal properties which left no bacteria behind it.
  4. Spinach leaves- another remedy for pain relief. Spinach can make your gums strong and it helps fight bad breathe.
  5. Peppermints- mixing peppermints in a cup of water and drink. Peppermints is good for the health most Chinese create peppermint tea for health problem.
  6. Guava leaves- chewing guava leaves can help cure tooth and gum problems.