Dental Insurance Plans For Seniors

Baby boomers have begun to reach retirement age and dental insurance plans for seniors are becoming a pretty hot product in the ancillary health insurance arena.

The key reason for the increased activity is that the majority of seniors are losing their dental insurance benefits when they retire. They are faced with either finding new dental insurance plans for seniors or simply going without dental insurance during their golden years.

Most of the dental insurance carriers out there have responded by putting together special dental insurance plans for seniors. These newer plan designs have more of a direct emphasis on major dental services and higher annual maximums.

It can cost up to $1500 for a crown these days. That is a major chunk of change for anyone who is living on a fixed income. Dental insurance plans for seniors can take a major bite out of bills like that.

The average annual maximum for most dental plans is only $1200. Higher annual maximums mean that a higher dollar amount per year of dental services is covered. It isn’t unusual to find dental insurance plans for seniors that have annual maximums of up to $3500 per year.

Seniors should look for these features in dental insurance plans:

  1. Large networks with lots of freedom of choice
  2. Coverage toward senior oriented preventive services
  3. Coverage for oral cancer screenings
  4. Coverage for major dental services like crowns, implants, root canals, and dentures.
  5. Options for higher annual plan maximums